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Over 25 years

Of Teaching Expierence

RYS - 200

She has a deep understanding of group energy work, yoga and contemplative / meditative techniques;

translating eastern teaching for the western mind and psyche.

After moving back to Europe in 2005, she started teaching yoga full time in form of workshops and teacher training in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and in France.

These workshops and trainings were attended by hundreds of students every year.

To be at the service to human beings was her calling, and became a mission inspired by her teacher.

After  ten years of teaching Kundalini Yoga in eastern Europe, she established Quaternity Institute as a body to carry work further, to deliver massage and technology of yoga to all without division.

Sarbjot has a gift for brilliant synthesis of yoga theory, she presents it in an easy, interactive way, to awaken natural passion to know yourself and to explore the world of spirituality.

Her yoga workshops and trainings are life transforming events.

Sarbjot teaches meditation practices , Yogic Anatomy, Yoga Nidra, Kundalini Yoga, Prana Vidya and Yogic Psychology. 

Everyone, from every sphere of life can enter yoga



Over 18 Years of Teaching Expierence

RYS - 200

Lindita completed her first Yoga Teacher Training Course at the age of fifteen in Kundalini Yoga. At the age of sixteen Lindita attended and then graduated from Miri Piri Academy in India Punjab, where she studied Yogic Lifestyle and participated in a rigorous and disciplined academic schooling.

After Graduating she continued to live in Punjab and studied Classical Indian Music for three years. Discovering Mantra and Naad with her teacher Ustad Narinder Singh Sandhu  who guided her and taught her during the three years. During this time Lindita also taught yoga in local studios. 
After retuning to Canada, Lindita completed a special training during the Immersion Course 3HO in Espanola, New Mexico Ashram, to become a teacher trainer.  She has been teaching in Poland, Hungary, Canada and the United States.

In 2015 Lindita finished Teacher Training Course in Ashtanga Vinyasa, and in 2017 she completed Satyananda Yoga Development Course level one, 
and in 2019 additional course in Yoga For All taught by Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes 

Lindita Teaches Postural Yoga, creating space to listen to your own body, Accessible Yoga, Ayurveda, Mantra Yoga, Karma Yoga, Hatha Yoga, How to Create Sequences of Asana Yoga, Body Positive, Business and Yoga.​
She is a natural and active community leader.


Lucy-Lucy is a horse-riding obsessed Pilates teacher, and runs a success horse-rider fitness business, Ride Fit Equestrian. She helps clients both 1:1 and in groups improve their fitness, biomechanics and well-being. She fell in love with yoga when looking for a new form of exercise after an ankle injury made her unable to run again. She has been hooked ever since and had the honour of training to be a yoga teacher with Quaternity. Yoga has changed her life and she is passionate about sharing the magic of yoga with others. From her Pilates and biomechanics training, she has an indepth knowledge of anatomy and functional movement and is able to apply that knowledge to promote a safe yet challenging yoga practice.



DIP HYP Paediatric |

DIP Indian Champissage |

CSHealer ​

I first realized the physical reality of hands on healing and its effect working with the horses and ranch animals of Ghost Ranch New Mexico USA. Returning to the UK some years later puzzled and curious, I begin my formal training at the remarkable SAGB in Belgrave square London, under the watchful and insightful eye of Mary Poulton. It was there I met Carole Kooki and Phil Pooke and jumped at the chance to volunteer at their Eden-Phil Pooke Healing Center in Bermondsey South London; there for over 12 years I earned a hard working, solid, down to earth reputation. During this busy time I also worked as Head of Field Operations for JYL-Menzies Central London free newspaper distribution. I’d seen the effect of the healing many hundreds of times, eventually recognizing the “trance state” and so became interested in Hypnotherapy. I went on to study at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute London, under the bright lights of Dr John Butler and Sharon Young who introduced me to the transformative techniques of the truly Great Gil Boyne. The combination of these two schools have certainly transformed my life. During this time I met Stuart Newman, we had lot in common, each of us had learned the power of Positive Mental Attitude and its benefits. So with my love of writing and the audio technological genius of Stuart, we begin working on an online healing product and have developed an enormous library of Self-Help Audio Scripts we call EnTrance. ​ ​


Alliance Teacher |

DIP Nutrition |

CSHealer |

DIP Crystal Healing

I grew up in a time of great transformation in Hungarian history. Being born under communism, I was a teenager when the system changed and the west arrived. As young adult I worked for seven years for Hungary’s best PR Company where I learned and built a mental and emotional bridge between past and present. My roots in healthy eating echo back to an era when we were all very much more in touch with nature when we grew and produced our own food. I later moved to Britain because I was curious and found a country and a nation that I like very much; I met Mick and began healing training in Bermondsey. I also realized how much my Hungarian roots meant to me. I realized my healthy appetite for good cooked food was a treasure. So I studied nutrition, worked as floor manager at the amazing Vanilla Black Restaurant, learnt about bread making in Borough Market, juicing in Soho and so many other things London had to offer and finally I put my many years of yoga practice into teaching.


Caroline Elizabeth Wyatt is a classically trained musician and photographer who began practicing yoga in order to improve her breath control and stamina. She quickly discovered that a yoga practice was the most effective way to discover a confidence in her body that she had been struggling with since her youth. Caroline is passionate about drawing from her various skills to help people find their voice and better channel their confidence. She believes that yoga is for everyone regardless of age, race, income, gender, ability or body type, and seeks to spread this message through her teaching. 

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