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The Quaternity Yoga Institute belongs to family of Yoga Alliance; as a registered Yoga School (RYS) 200 hours, we offer comprehensive and systematic training in yoga. Quaternity yoga teacher training, and all yoga programs, include:

  • asana instruction,
  • training in pranayama,
  • yoga nidra,
  • relaxation and meditation techniques,
  • karma yoga,
  • yoga philosophy and psychology.

We teach yogic techniques for body, breath, mind, and spirit in the tradition of Tantra yoga. Exploring ancient knowledge on deeply transformative effect of yoga with regards to hormonal and chakra system, we go beyond physical practice into realm of higher yoga and meditation. 

This is why we choose the venues for the programs with care and attention, to create a congruent environment to stay focused yet relaxed, to experience an authentic yogic lifestyle away from distractions of life.

Yogic science is thought in a non dogamtic way, with a common sense and practical application, so you may aquire veriety of tools and skills to be used for your personal benefits or to teach yoga competently and with confidence. Become a YOGA TEACHER.

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Quaternity Institute - Yoga

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