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Quaternity Institute regulation in english

Quaternity Institute - a company that offers the service of organizing courses, trips, workshops in which participation takes place through sales at: www.QuaternityInstitute.com


REGON: 022512131, NIP: 6112737128

58-512 CHROMIEC, CHROMIEC 32, e-mail adress: quaternityogaschool@gmail.com

phone: +48 882 621 630

User - a natural person purchasing the service via the website: www.QuaternityInstitute.com

Service - organization of courses, trips, workshops in which the User may participate

Order - the User's act of paying a fee through the T-Pay service to the Quaternity Institute

The fee is paid in 2 options:

Non-refundable deposit or full amount for the service.


  1. The User who has functional equipment with HTML5 technology and Internet access is entitled to use the Purchase Service at www.QuaternityInstitute.com. Payment is available via PCs, mobile devices and other devices that support a web browser.
  2. The order is placed via the website www.QuaternityInstitute.com in the Apply / Apply tab
  3.  In order to use the Service, the User should place an order at www.QuaternityInstitute.com and make payments via T-PAY online payments. The order will be processed after paying for the service on the T-pay portal.
  4. The User will receive all information regarding the performance of the service via e-mail to the address provided when placing the order. Placing an order means I accept the Regulations which are available at www.QuaternityInstitute.com
  5. Before ordering the Service, the User is obliged to read these Regulations available at www.QuaternityInstitute.com in the Regulations tab
  6. Ordering the Service provided by the Quaternity Institute is tantamount to acceptance of the Regulations.
  7. The order entails the obligation to pay. No contract will be concluded without this obligation.



  1. Payment for the Service purchased on the website is made via the TPAY system. The payment is considered the moment the payment is confirmed by the TPAY system and Elavon Pyment ( via credit cards)
  2. Quaternity Institute is not responsible for delays resulting from the payment verification in the TPAY system or Elavon Payment (via credit card).
  3. After paying for YTT there is no possibility of a refund


  1. The regulations are available at www.QuaternityInstitute.com and at the headquarters of the Quaternity Institute.
  2. Use of the Service is allowed only within the European Union.
  3. These Regulations shall enter into force on 01.10.2019.


  1. The User has the right to complain:
  •  when the service is unavailable
  1. Complaints will be considered within 14 days of its submission
  2. Complaints may be submitted at quaternityogaschool@gmail.com
  3. Upon accepting the complaint, the user will receive a refund of the value of purchased access.